Don’t blow our rights – use this weapon carefully.

The penetration and range of the 50bmg cartridge is quite large and therefore you must be extremely careful of what you are shooting at. What is behind the target you are shooting at? If the bullet goes through the tree, berm, elk, elephant, etc. what will it hit? If the bullet ricochets where might it go? You must factor in the answers to these questions whenever you shoot this Rifle.

The backstop for shooting the 50bmg Rifle must be extremely thick, debris free and high. Be extra careful of ranges with a high buildup of old lead – the bullets can hit an old pile of lead and ricochet right over your backstop. When shooting in areas with lots of rock, water or other potentially deflecting items make sure that no people are within at least 6000 yards of your target.

Use extreme caution in choosing and shooting surplus military ammunition. We have experienced wide tolerance from country to country and even round to round from the same lot. We had some surplus Greek ammo that wouldn’t even fit in the chamber because it was too long. Also much of this surplus ammo is very old and has been subject to improper storage, which can lead to pressure variation that will affect accuracy and safety.

We do not recommend reloading ammunition. If you are a very experienced reloader with a thorough knowledge of bullets, powder, primers, brass and safety precautions and are tempted to do this—make sure that you use only high quality new components and practice all current safety measures.

In case of a hang-fire (pull the trigger and nothing happens) you must count slowly to 25 seconds before you open the action. Especially with old surplus ammo the cartridge could go off after 17 seconds from when the firing pin hit the primer.

Whenever you or anyone handles the rifle – use extra caution around the trigger area that nothing brushes up against it and always engage the safety until you are ready to fire. A light trigger is important in gaining high shooting accuracy but also makes the rifle more dangerous when being handled. Don’t take the safety off until the rifle is in position to fire. Dropping the weapon, or brushing against an object with the trigger set lightly, can potentially fire the Rifle.

Be very careful in choosing your scope. We recommend a minimum of 4 inches of relief. On some of the higher scopes the eye relief can be reduced to less than 2 inches, which is potentially hazardous. I personally have had a scope impact my forehead with very painful results and lots of blood loss. When shooting lying down on your stomach the choice of scopes with the correct eye relief becomes even more important because your shoulder and body aren’t moving with the rifle’s recoil as much as if you were shooting from a bench. If the scope you have is too close to your eyes then just don’t use it.

On 50bmg rifles especially, be extra careful of the huge amount of gas expelled by the muzzle brake. Use even more caution on our 18.5” barrel. If shooting with others make sure no one on either side of you when shooting because large amounts of gas will be sent in their direction. Be careful of any objects that may be on the shooting bench because the gas will send the items flying. We had a sand bag underneath our carbide – a bit too close to the muzzle brake and the escaping gases ripped open the sand bag sending sand all over the area. Make sure when shooting our Patriot 50 you always use eye protection.
Any structural modifications to our Patriot50 VOID THE WARRANTY and are not recommended.

Only trained gunsmiths/engineers should modify any part of the Rifle. Our Rifle have been de-signed and tested to shoot bullets up to and including 750 grains in weight. DO NOT USE bullets weigh-in over 750 grains in our Rifle. Some bore riders and bronze bullets can greatly increase the pressure in the barrel to unsafe levels leading to dangerous fatigue conditions. Our Rifle was designed to use our muzzle brakes with their performance and low weight. Don’t experiment with gun on an unproven brake. Any changing of muzzle should be done by a gunsmith and should not exceed the weight of the original muzzle brake. Bolt handle must be all the way forward and down before pulling the trigger. NEVER pull the trigger if bolt and bolt handle are not completely closed.

The 50bmg Rifle is very loud and may cause permanent hearing damage if you fire it without hearing

protection. Make sure everyone in the shooting area checks each other to insure that everyone is wearing hearing protection before you fire the Rifle. The muzzle brake on our take down Rifle is not permanently attached. DO NOT EVER SHOOT our Rifle without the muzzle brake. Shooting this Rifle without will cause the muzzle serious damage to your shoulder area and any other body parts that it may come in con-tact with.

If you have a weak heart, are taking medication, have osteoporosis (weak or fragile bones), a recent shoulder injury, muscle or joint disease, are susceptible to eye retinal separation, high blood pressure, etc. then DO NOT SHOOT our Rifle. If in doubt check with your doctor, if in doubt…. Before shooting any large caliber weapon always check with your doctor first – before shooting.

With every shot you are impacting your body, as with any other magnum type rifles don’t over use them. If you start to hurt of feel pain after shooting a few rounds then take a break or stop shooting. Every per-son is different; people can shoot large caliber rifles all day long where others hurt a round or two. Over using our Patriot50 Rifle or other caliber weapons may cause joint and bone damage. Again if in doubt check with your doctor.

Always consider the weapon loaded and keep the safety engaged until you are ready to shoot the Rifle NEVER point the rifle at anyone and assume the weapon isn’t loaded. As a gun owner it is your obligation to fully familiarize yourself with the weapon prior to using it. You must always use/posses/transport this or any weapon in a legal manner. If you aren’t sure that the local, state, and federal laws are --- then find out.

NEVER shoot this Rifle or any other weapon if using medication, drugs or alcohol. You all heard the commercials “friends don’t let friends drink and drive” well the same goes here “friends don’t let friends shoot if drinking”.

It is vital that the weapon and all ammunition are safely stored away from fire, theft or potential misuse of any kind. Keep all ammunition and weapons locked up and especially away from children. A 50bmg cartridge is very appealing toy for a child. Leaving even a single bullet out can result in a fatal accident.

VERRY INPORTANT: Always check if the firer pin move freely, if not NEVER reloaded the rifle.

Rifles are a tool and if correctly used will bring you years of shooting pleasure. All it takes is one lapse of judgment, one hurried shot or forgetting to heed any of the above warnings and you or someone else could get killed or severely injured. Always think when you put a bullet into the rifle and before you shoot. Treat any firearm with lots of respect to what it can do.

CHOICE OF AMMUNITION: DO NOT USE MILITARY SURPLUS AMMUNITION. Ligamec Corp. recommends in the strongest possible terms against using military surplus ammunition, as quality and performance will likely vary widely depending upon manufacturer, age, lot, storage method and any number of any other factors. YOUR SAFETY IS NOT WORTH THE RELATIVELY SMALL ECONOMIC SAVINGS.

Reloaded Ammunition. We recommend strongly against using reloaded ammunition, and doing so will void your product warranty. If you should, however, choose to reload, a thorough knowledge of bullets, powder, primers, brass and safety precautions is necessary and you should use only high quality new components and practice all current safety
measures. It has been said that reloading is like a math test, if you’re wrong you lose a hand. Use of reloaded ammunition voids your product warranty.

DO NOT CHANGE THE MUZZLE BRAKE. Do not use any muzzle brake with the RAPTOR50/PATRIOT50 that is from any other manufacturer.


As noted above the operator should visually and tactilely swipe his finger across the bolt face, inspect the bolt face between each reload, to be certain that the fire pin is not protruding from the bolt face.


Subject to exclusions note above, all Ligamec Corp. Manufacturing products, are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 12 months of the original purchaser. This guarantee is voided by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations or modifications of the product “as determined by Ligamec Corp.” and does not cover any normal wear that might occur. All guarantee claims should be sent directly to Ligamec Corp. via prepaid and insured delivery.


Death, serious injury and damage can result from the use of wrong ammunition; bore obstructions, powder overloads or incorrect cartridge components.


This product was designed to function properly in its original condition. Alterations can make it unsafe. Do not alter any part or add or substitute parts or accessories not made by Ligamec Corp. Such alterations may void the product warranty.


If dropped or struck with the safety “off”, any firearm my fire. Keep chamber empty unless actually firing. Keep the firearm pointed in a safety direction at all times. Keep safety “on” unless actually firing.


Never rely on your memory to know if a gun is loaded. Always visually check the chamber by retracting the bolt and examining the chamber to be sure whether it is empty or loaded.


Any malfunction is a signal to immediately stop using the gun until it can be determined what is wrong. In the case of a hang fire (an unexpected delay between the firearm being triggered and the initiation of the propellant), the correct procedure in this situation is to keep the weapon pointed at a safe target for sixty seconds, then remove and safely discard the round. It is important not to immediately remove the round from the chamber, because if a hang fire has in fact occurred, a round detonating outside of the weapon could cause serious fragmentation injury.