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Ejector Retaining Pin Ball Bolt Head Follower Spring
Ejector Retaining Pin
Our Price: $0.25

Extractor Ball
Our Price: $1.00
Bolt Head Follower Spring
Our Price: $3.00

Ejector Retaining Pin for RAPTOR-50 Upper. Bolt Head/Extractor and Follower Ball for RAPTOR-50 Upper. Bolt Head Follower Spring for RAPTOR-50 Upper
Extractor Spring Ejector Spring Hammer Spring
Extractor Spring
Our Price: $3.50

Ejector Spring
Our Price: $4.00

Hammer Spring
Our Price: $4.50

Extractor Spring for RAPTOR-50 Upper. Ejector Spring for RAPTOR-50 Upper Heavy hammer spring for Raptor 50 and Patriot 50
Firing Pin Spring Ejector Extractor
Firing Pin Spring
Our Price: $5.50

Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $25.00

Firing Pin Spring for RAPTOR-50 Upper. Ejector for RAPTOR-50 Upper. Extractor for RAPTOR-50 Upper.
Firing Pin firing pin raptor 50 hammer
Firing Pin
Our Price: $25.00
Firing Pin
Our Price: $35.00

Our Price: $35.00

Firing Pin for PATRIOT 50 Upper conversion. Firing Pin for RAPTOR 50 Upper conversion. Hammer for RAPTOR 50 Upper conversion.
Bolt Handle HAND GUARD NUT Bolt Head Follower
Bolt Handle
Our Price: $45.00

Our Price: $45.00
Bolt Head Follower
Our Price: $75.00
Machine from 4140 steel, thread 7/16-20, finish Black Parkerize. Hand guard nut Bolt Head Follower for RAPTOR-50 Upper.
Replacement scope rail Bolt Head Black parkerize finish
Our Price: $95.00

Bolt Head
Our Price: $100.00
Muzzle Brake
Our Price: $135.00
Replacement rail for Raptor 50 and Patriot 50
Machine from 7075 aluminum
Finished Black Anodize
For long distance shooting the 20 M.O.A. replacement scope rail will allow you to see and zero where your bullet will strike over a long distance like 1000 yards.
Bolt head for RAPTOR-50 Upper 8 port style, thread 1-14
50Cal BMG Barrel Blank
.50 BMG Barrel Blank
Material 4140 alloy steel pre. heat-treat to Rc 26~32, with a 1 in 15 twist. OD dia. 1.625", Chambered for the .50 BMG military spec. Length 32".
We offer custom contour and threading on barrels for a additional cost.